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Wholesale Rock Shrimp Experts

Moon’s Seafood Company is the premier source for marketing, processing, and sales of wholesale rock shrimp. We supply these superior shell fish for restaurants, seafood markets, and food processing companies. Moon's Seafood has been supplying customers with wholesale rock shrimp since 1978.

Rock shrimp get their name from their very hard shell. They are only caught at night and in deeper water than regular shrimp. Virtually all rock shrimp are caught by boats equipped with on-board freezers to immediately preserve the product until further processed on shore. The majority of the production is caught off Florida’s east coast. In some years there is production in the Florida Gulf. In addition, Mexico has beautiful product when properly handled.

Rock Shrimp Harvesting

Rock shrimp is seasonal. The majority of the product is caught between September and December. The winter is the time to put together programs because in most years there is very little or no carry over to the next season.


Why They are So Popular

Rock Shrimp are delicious. When baked or broiled the hard shell gives the shrimp a lobster-like flavor and bite. When the shell is removed the sweet shrimp-like flavor comes out.

Rock shrimp are very versatile. They can be baked, broiled, steamed, fried, sautéed, or any other way that shrimp or lobster can be cooked. Rock shrimp do cook a little quicker than regular shrimp.

National Distributors of Rock Shrimp

Moon’s Seafood Company carries P&D rock shrimp, shell on, domestic and Mexican. We are the rock shrimp experts.